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Meet the HSDY Partygoer: Saundra O'Shea

Updated: Sep 1, 2019


On the HSDY blog we absolutely love to share partygoer’s stories and we are

delighted to introduce you to talented designer-maker, Saundra O’Shea.

Saundra celebrated her 50th with us at Blackheath Halls last December and never parties without one of her fabulous sparkly bags. She also recently joined us to chat about why she loves to dance at HSDY on Jo Good's show on BBC Radio London which you can check out here

What's your HSDY story?

I’d heard about HSDY a while before I attended an event. I think I was worried it would be cheesy, but curiosity got the better of me and I gathered a couple of friends declaring “there’s no way I’m doing “Oops Upside Your Head” before flouncing along to the Xmas do in 2017.

We arrived at Blackheath Halls and I knew immediately I had found my tribe! I love glitter and sparkle and vintage and here it all was, in one place, along with ‘take you back’ music and the friendliest bunch of people EVER. We started dancing almost instantly and we didn’t stop.

And yes, I couldn’t wait to get down and slap the floor during the boat dance!

I LOVE getting ready for a HSDY night out just as much as I did back in the day. I have a whole HSDY wardrobe full of OTT sparkle and glitz and it’s the perfect opportunity to use one of my bag creations. For the July party at Beckenham Place Mansion I customised a denim jacket and some boots too.

The ladies’ loos are always full of women complimenting each other on their hair, outfit and shoes… I’m not sure the friendly vibe at HSDY exists anywhere else.

Don’t even get me started on the gang behind HSDY!

I guess my tribe gets my vibe as they are the most inclusive bunch. Where else is there a hula-hooping DJ and a groovy vintage goddess showing you all the dance moves?!

"When it came to my 50th there was nowhere else I wanted to be."

I always have the best time at HSDY so it made perfect sense to bring my whole party to the Big Xmas Disco Ball at Blackheath Halls last December.

My sister came over from Ireland and all my friends and family loved it.

When you're not dancing at HSDY what else do you do?

When I’m not getting footloose at HSDY you’ll find me in my Crystal Palace studio creating my disco-inspired bags, T-shirts and cards for my badass accessories company SOS15 You can find me on Instagram at wearsos15

I actually hated sewing at school and trained as a graphic designer but then 4 years ago I decided to start making things and it kind of took off from there. I make a lot of bespoke bags for weddings and now also have a range of T-shirts and sparkly bags for kids too.

I also help out my partner James who runs landscape gardening company. London

When he’s not working outdoors he’s certainly not averse to dressing up and putting on some glitter too!

Crystal Palace is a hive of creativity and is jam-packed full of indy-businesses, pubs

and eateries.

It’s also known for its vintage sellers and an award-winning Saturday food market. My friend Sally runs Maltpress Trading which is great for quirky vintage stuff.

I love the coffee at Four Boroughs and I am currently hooked on their banana and peanut butter on sourdough toast.

Tofu is a lovely cheap and cheerful East Asian place across the road from my studio where everything is freshly cooked to order . If you’re not familiar with the area you should definitely come and check it out.

Favourite HSDY venue?

It has to be Blackheath Halls, you never forget your first love, right?

My second fave HSDY venue is Stanley Halls, which is just down the road from my SE19 studio. I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve there.

Favourite HSDY track?

This is like asking who your favourite child is! Which is why I only had the one.

I am a lover of disco, soul and funk so I guess I will choose ‘Candy’ by Cameo. I keep promising myself I will learn the dance steps cos I didn’t the first time around. But I just get up and do my own thing anyway and that’s why HSDY is so perfect because you can dance your own dance and no one cares.

So that's it from Saundra, isn't she fabulous?

If you'd like to feature as our next HSDY party goer then get in touch, we'd love to hear your story, just email:

See you on the dance floor!


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